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Inner Critic to 

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October 13 @ 6:30pm (MDT)

Making the Law of Attraction Work For YOU!


November 13 @ 9am (MDT)

Flip YOUR Switch 

Signature Seminar

Starts September 14

@ 5:15pm (MDT)

Flip YOUR Switch 

Signature Seminar

Future event @ $149 (live or online)

COVID rate available until Sept. 15

Flip YOUR Switch for 

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Future event @ $149 (live or online)

COVID rate available until Sept. 15

Suze Casey is a featured speaker at The New Earth Expo in Calgary October 2-4!

See her on stage on Saturday @ 5:15pm and Sunday @ 5:30pm for her talk “Not Then. Not When? The Time is NOW!”

The New Earth Expo exists to showcase local businesses, bold entrepreneurs, and talented artisans.

Complimentary tickets available here

Here's a few examples of what you'll find at the New Earth Expo:

  • Traditional and alternative healing
  • Natural health & wellness clinics
  • Eco-friendly living and household products
  • Spiritual discovery and development
  • Holistic lifestyle and fashion
  • Exciting wellness technologies
  • Wellness influencers and educators

Whatever your vision for humanity, body mind spirit you’ll find all of that and more at The New Earth Expo, Calgary's complete body mind spirit connection.

 ... and BE Aware ... 

 we’ll share the magic that holds the space for 

transformation to something EVEN BETTER 

than you’ve been imagining to manifest.